• On the line of modern concept, moated animal enclosures developed where visitors can see animals without barrier.
  • Animals like Tiger, Brow-antlered deer, Lion Tailed Macaque, Nilgiri Langur, Four Horned Antilope, Indian Rhino, Wild Ass, Indian Lion, Himalayan Black bear, Crocodile, Pheasants, Emu, Rosy Pelican, Painted Stork, Sarus crane etc. have bred in the Past.
  • Exotic species like Chimpanzee, Hamdrayas Baboon, African Rhino, Japanese Brown Bear, Eland , Cape Buffalo, Water Buck, etc also bred in the park.
  • Conservation breeding of four endangered species (Asiatic Lion, Bengal Tiger, Indian Rhinoceros & Sangai Deer)
  • Twenty Black Bucks were released in wild at Asola Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Sangai deer, Black Bucks and Sambar deer were given in exchange & gift to other zoos of our country.
  • White tiger bred successfully at NZP and we have given white Tigers to 11 different Zoos of country since 1987.
  • A large number of migratory birds visit in the Artificial ponds and also bred in these facilities
  • Visitors amenities developed a lot and the process is still continued.
  • Visitors numbers increased from around 6 to 7 lakhs during Nineties to around twenty seven lakhs during 2015-2016. Current year visitor figure will be more than the Past records.
  • Roads inside the Zoo has been upgraded.
  • Educative and interpretative signage’s are fixed as a part of conservation and educational prorgamme
  • Initially NZP land was full of Prosopis, an exotic introduced to cover bare rocky Delhi ridge which spread throughout Delhi including NZP.
  • Along with animals various plant species were also brought from different part of the globe.
  • Total 505 species of plants were identified and described in a book- Plants of NZP most of which are newly planted.
  • Park is full of vegetation and presents a natural look.
  • Every year fresh planting is carried out.
  • Vanmahotsava is celebrated followed by massive tree planting and 6222 plants planted during this year inside NZP.
  • IN addition 1000 flower pods displayed with seasonal flower inside Zoo premises


  • The problem of water logging NZP improved by way of maintaining proper sewerage system.
  • The animals enclosures retained in proposed plan are improved/up graded as per requirement.
  • Director’s Offices building upgraded.
  • Zoo Hospital upgraded.
  • Segregation of visitor/service vehicles and simplicity in way finding completed.
  • New aviary constructed and opened for visitors.
  • CCTV for surveillances completed at entry gate and Zoo hospital.
  • Drinking water point upgraded by water purifiers and water coolers.
  • Existing visitor facilities improved/up graded.
  • Signage's/educative signage's displayed in visiting areas.
  • Created green environment by planting use in indigenous plant species.
  • NZP is made as Polythene and smoking free zone area.
  • Butterfly park is being developed.
  • Seized and confiscated Wildlife trophies were incinerated at the NZP on world wildlife Day in the presence of Hon’ble Minister.
  • For the first time total no. of visitors at NZP crossed 2.7 million mark during 2015-16. This is an all time record an impressive growth of about 22% over 2236850 visitors visited during 2014-15.
  • Gate receipts from entry fees as increased from Rs. 855.04 lakhs during 2014-15 to Rs. 1016.44 lakhs during 2015-16 which is a significant increase of about 17%.
  • Number of visitor and revenue collection during this year (2017-18) are 27.09 lakhs & 1218.80 lakhs. It is all time record in the history of NZP.
  • NZP has been recognized by Hindustan Times as one of the New Delhi’s 100 icons on the occasion of 100 years of Delhi (1911-2011).
  • NZP has also been awarded institutional membership of World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) on 10th January 2012 with support from CZA.

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